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New patient appointment - An initial interview is scheduled for 80 minutes.
Download the headache diaries from the Headache diary toolbar and all other patient related forms. Fill them out, and please fill in a daily diary and bring them to all your appointments. If you are unable to download the information, call our receptionist and they will be glad to mail them to you.

We start by reviewing your full headache and neurological history and what triggers your headaches or migraines. You will have a complete neurological exam, with a check of your weight, as well as blood pressure and pulse. Additional laboratory tests and ordering any pertinent scans, for instance, MRI or CT scans if there is any suspicion of underlying medical disease. Blood samples may be drawn, looking for signs of inflamed arteries or unsuspected disease of other organs.

We treat by :
1. Teaching you to eliminate trigger factors,
2. Stress reduction training,
3. Prescribing abortive (rescue) medications and,
4. Prescribing daily (prophylactic) medications.

We also treat with
Occipital Nerve Blocks and Botox Injections which have proven to be successful for many headache sufferers.


We have state of the art EMGequipment at NERHC, Inc. which we use to provide a streamlined report for your Primary Care Physician. Waiting time for an EMG appointment is much less for you than going to most outpatient EMG departments.

BOTOX or onobotulinum was FDA Approved to treat chronic migraines in October 2010. For information regarding treatment with botox click the link below:


Migraine Study

Do you suffer from Migraine? You may be eligible to participate in a research study with investigational anti-migraine medication Study related exams and study medication provided at no cost. Compensation for participation.

For more information please call 508-890-5633

Teenage Migraine Study

Does your child suffer from Migraine Headaches? NERHC, Inc. is conducting a research study with children between the ages of 12 and 17 who suffer from Migraine. Qualified participants will receive study related exams and investigational medication at no cost. Compensation for participation.

For more information please call 508-890-5633


Call Us for More Information at 508 890-5633.
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